Magican: Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover for Mac

New Year comes; besides preparing a good mentality to enjoy a favoring and prosperous New Year, don't forget to clean our Mac, especially when tons of music and photos are generated after festival.

To manage all the files like music, photos and documents in tidy, cleaning the duplicated file is the first step to reduce the volume of files. Then following steps will be easier for us to deal with. Magican is one of the must have tools for finding and removing duplicate files.

To speed up your operation on Mac, Magican scans out all the unneeded system data and sweep them away to help you enlarge the disk space. What is better, this cleaning process just takes you a few clicks within few seconds.

Duplicate files can be divided into several kinds, like the files with same name but in different path and files with same content but different name. Common duplicate file finder could find the first kind of files only. But for Magican, it can find files with same content even if those files have different names. For instance, we copy a photo named "christmas.png" and paste it as "christmas copy.png" and "abc.png". Then no matter these three photos in same path or not, Magican will scan out the three photos for us as duplicate files.

We just need to open Magican, and go to "Duplicate" part in "Cleaner" item after clicking "Scan" button at the first item. All duplicate files will be displayed out in list. Then to ticks the icon in front of useless file could help remove duplicate files at your will. Or to tick the icon at the top of the list to have all the field deleted.

This is a very powerful duplicate file finder and remover. Any Mac user can use it for total free. Still this is not the only feature Magican can marked, after removing duplicate files by Magican, maybe you will be more surprised by other highlights of Magican.