Magican helps user better understand new software

Magican keeps on improving software centre. Except offering uninstalling access, Magican provides more detailed information of various kinds of software for users as reference. Here you could better pick out your desirable application.

1, Magican provides daily discount software and free software, users could conveniently find out their acceptable price of the software;

2, To help users better understand the software, Magican displays out the detailed information of each Mac software, such as the mark from users, the number of grade givers, the software description of the software, price and the official website link;

3, All the listed software in Magican are ranked according to users’ mark and download number, With theses information offered, you could better understand what other users’ feedback about the software;

4, Magican could tell users the update software, including version number, the time of new release, and the new functions and so on.

5, Of course, for each of the software updates information, Magican offers users option of hiding them or bringing them back.

With all these detailed information supplied by Magican, users could get in touch with first hand software and better pick out a suitable one from various unfamiliar applications.