Magican helps you update software instantly

Maybe a little of Mac software runs no good at the latest version. But for most Mac software, update version runs better while adding some new features or fixing some bugs, and compared to the previous versions, the latest one always shows some improvements in its functions.

For loyal computer user, they always keep their Mac software updating to the latest version. And then they could enjoy the improvements in its updates.

Some developers make their Mac software automatically updated to the latest version; Magican is such a kind of software. But for some Mac software, they do not update software automatically, but just alerts you that the latest version is possible to download and install. That means users need to check for updates manually. Like visiting the related app’s official website to see whether it has a new version or check updates in Mac App Store.

In order to keep your Mac software up-to-date, a tool could help you quickly updates software become so important to you.

Magican is such a tool that could inform you to update software. Magican has a feature of displaying all the installed applications on your Mac; it displays the version, size and developer of your installed app. If your software is downloaded from Mac App Store, Magican will automatically check the latest version for you. If Mac App Store has got an updated version of some Mac software, Magican will display updates for you, then you can check the reviews of the latest version or click “upgrade” to go to Mac App Store to update software.

Magican checks the new version and informs you update software; it is really excellent for all Mac users. Please don’t hesitate to let Magican to service for you.