Magican manages Mac in the round

There are various Apps in this internet world nowadays. Some help us with work, some with entertainment and some with learning and so on. Different kinds of APPS have definitely enriched our computers life. But have you ever thought of using an Application to help you manage your computer and Mac OS X.

This Mac management application should include these functions:

1, Help user better understand Hardware and software information. For hardware information, it should display out the detailed information of PC, System, CPU, Memory, Disk, Disc, Display, Battery and Bluetooth. For software information, this application should list out all the installed software, widgets, plug-Ins, screen savers and Mac system application. Within this list, users could easily remove a program which is useless and directly uninstall without complex operations.

2, Then this management software must be able to display the status of users’ disk, battery, memory, CPU and Network and their temperature in pictorial symbols which could help users diagnose health stat of their Mac.

3, The function of Mac cleaning must be included in this application as well. As time goes on, Mac gets slowly with lots of junks are stored and huge amount of memory space is taken. So this management software must scan out all the duplicated files, logs and caches, unused languages and so on, so that users could easily remove them out. The time taken by scanning and removing, of course, must be as short as possible.

Points above are the basic functions an application must contain as a Mac management app. Many other functions should be added in as well. Magican is this kind of application which not only includes functions above but also contains features of File Management and software center. Files management focus on arranging documents in category for users to easy-find and helps users manage file by abundant operations(like copy, cut and delete files, customized collect files to a virtual folder). Magican software center could recommend free apps of today and discount software, remind updating software. Except these functions, more and more functions and improvement will keep joining in Magican in the future as well.

Only when Mac is managed and protected well, users could use other kinds of apps safely. Magican is the very Mac management app that protects your Mac in the round all the time.