Magican meets different demands of people

We used to make a survey on our official Facebook about Mac app function on different users from different countries. The question is what kind of App you would prefer: All-in-one app or single function app. And we got lots of feedback from our users on this survey. From the results, we found that almost half of the respondents would like their application to be single in function and another 50% prefers installing all-in-one applications.

As users explain that single function apps are simple and clean, and the most important point is that less space they will take. Users who support all-in-one applications express that to open various kinds of applications at the same time makes them being afraid of system crash, and it is also very convenient and easy to operate.

Different people got different favor. And both of the two point holders have their own reasonable reasons. If there was any application mixing the demands of both the two parties?

Beside its all-in-one function (Mac Cleaner, Stat Monitor, Software Center, Toolbox Displaying and Hardware Displaying) Magican also offers user the single function tools (Magican Rest, Magican Document & Magican File). Above all, all of these Magican tools do not hog too much resource of your Mac.

You can perform various functions in just one application-Magican. Also, you could operate single service in Magican tools.