Magican: Uninstall application with signature

While uninstalling applications, some standard uninstallation tools will hint users that the application which will be deleted has signature. Before uninstalling application, we need to understand the meaning of digital signature.

To figure out the definition of digital signature, you can go to Wikipedia to get detailed information. For common users, we just need to know that digital signature is generally used for software testing and verifying. When we found some applications with valid signature that means this application is created by a known sender, such as Apple. But one thing needs to clear that, I’m not declaring that the quality and credit of an application without signature is all bad, signature is just one of the ways to judge an application.

Anyway, comes back to application with signature, it can be trusted with authentication, and then users can be assured to use. That’s why standard uninstallation tools will hint users before uninstalling. Different with other tools, Magican takes this kind of applications which has signature as safe application and default it as un-deleted apps.

While using Magican to manage software, in the software item, “remove” button on the app with signature is disabled; users can just launch applications and find the application on “Finder”. If you are insisting on deleting the app, you need to manually move this app to Trash. This is avoiding of uninstalling important apps by mistake for common users, and also a protection for applications with signature.