Magican: Uninstaller for Mac

For Mac users, to uninstall application just need to drag the application icon to Trash; it is very easy to operate. But most of the applications will leave its related files and preference files in your disk or system which could take up much space. Among most of those uninstallers, Magican is smart enough for you to uninstall any application and related file.

The highlight of Magican is that it can list out all the related files for users to selective tick any item to stay or remove.

For instance, after clicking button “Remove App”, a file list will pop-up, application and its related files are included in. After checking the contents in the folder, users can keep the useful folder by have its icon unchecked or directly tick all the icons to have all of them removed. The apple application in the software list cannot be deleted, take “System Preferences” as an example, remove button is disabled.

Besides uninstalling application, Magican can also uninstall former applications’ left over. Users can find out the item at Clean -> Leftover. One-click to scan out leftovers and users can tick icon at the top list to delete all or tick icon at left to selective delete leftovers.