Magican Wishes You Merry Christmas

Holiday is approaching. People living away from home go back, clean house, and prepare delicious feast for Christmas. For Magican and our staff, this Christmas is meaningful; because it is the first Christmas we will spend with customers.

To celebrate this significant Christmas, Magican released Christmas skin in version 0.9.66. Hope this Christmas version could add more Christmas smell to your house and help tidying your Mac cleanly during your house cleaning.

House cleaning is a big issue before Christmas, so does computer cleaning. Cleaning up redundant files and save more available space for the next year's work.

Compared with house cleaning, Mac cleaning seems to take more time and being more complex. But with Magican, you just need one-click to scan Mac in all-directions. After scanning, one with "clean" button in home item to completely clean up all the useless files (or selectable disable the ticked files you still need), and then you can move to the next category.

Before going back to parents' house, getting a clear temperature of your parents' city and your city by ticking the floating window keeps you warm enough and helps choose a suitable way home.

Magican wants to thank all of our users and more powerful versions will keep coming.