Monitor Mac system with Magican Monitor

Every Mac users hope to speed up their Mac productivity, except updating the hardware, daily maintenance plays a key role. Someone may feel messy to maintain the entire Mac. Here we will help you separate the entire Mac as several key parts to maintain, this can make your whole maintain process logical and fast.

Monitor CPU
A large number of apps running at same time will increase the CPU usage and directly cause Mac running slow and even cause Mac crash. Normally, make the CPU usage more or less at 2% can make CPU running effectively. Still high temperature of CPU may cause overheating during normal operation, then Macs will auto detect the high temperature and shut down or even be crashed directly. Checking the CPU temperature and fan speed occasionally ensures the computer is operating safely.

Monitor Disk
Limited used space of hard disk will cause Mac running slow, and make later files cannot be saved in time, and then lead important file losing. If used space of hard disk is too much, you need to delete some unused or unneeded files to enlarge the idle space. Still backup files are recommended for most of you, because it will be more effective and security.

Monitor Battery
To avoid of Mac sudden crash, monitor battery can helps a lot. Besides monitoring remained time, an alert is necessary for most of us to remind us of charging on time.

To monitor these three parts can fit for the general maintenance of your Mac, still to be more effectively, you can use a monitor app named Magican Monitor, this can make daily monitor faster and easier.