Monitor Mac to avoid of crawl

Lots of people feel anxious about having cogged apps running underground in their Mac. That's comprehensible, for that kind of situation would turn their Mac to crawl or even make their privacy information filched. Well, here is a way for users to pick those apps out: Detect your CPU usage and memory usage.

First of all, observe the coming days' top5 processes which have occupied much CPU usage and memory usage, and record those data for analysis. Activity Monitor and Magican are are both the suitable app for you to detect CPU usage and memory usage. You could open either of them to view the processes running.

Tell the regular processes and disordered processes

Normally, high CPU usage or memory usage is evidence-based while running some graph-disposal app, like Photoshop and Illustrator. For some processes which is always listed in the top 5 list, don't directly stop running, users could detect the exact data of each process in idle, if it keeps higher than 4 percent of CPU usage that would be a problem. While an app is just starting to run or currently in use, they will dominate much processors, even raised to the top one or two at your process list, but this situation won't last a long time and would be reduced to the normal part, that kind of apps could also be considered as safe one. If some processes last to occupy much more resource than average even it is idle, that would be a risk signature. Then you need to kill process.

Kill processes to get Mac back to normal

To kill process which lead unconventional high CPU usage and memory usage, while you are using Activity Monitor, pitch on the abnormal item in the list, then click the stop or kill icon on the top left; while you are using Magican, move mouse to the right side of the misbehavior process, then click the pop-up "X" to stop the process.

Monitor CPU to double check

While CPU usage backs to normal, reopen the app to check again to avoid app tech issues. If app runs back to normal after several rounds of detections, you could give it a second chance. If app sustains swallowing more CPU usage, uninstall this app immediately, and make security scanning to make sure Mac is safe.

That's one of the thousands methods that would help monitor your Mac and keep it far away from attacking and crawl. It's worth to have a look.