Multi-Touch gestures - a more comfortable way to control Mac

Multi-Touch gestures make your interaction with your Mac to be handier. These gestures can be performed on a portable Mac'sMulti-Touch trackpad, on a Magic Trackpad, or on a Magic Mouse. With Multi-Touch gestures, you can directly control what’s on your screen in a more fluid, natural and intuitive way.

Before learning about Multi-Touch gestures, please make sure your Mac OS X version to be 10.7 Lion.

Here,let’s take a look at how to operate on Trackpad.

1, Move

Two finger swipe in the direction you want to move your content. For example, a two finger swipe up will make your content move up. Two finger swipe left will make your content move to the left.

2, Pinch to zoom

Pinch out to zoom in, Pinch in to zoom out

3, Smart Zoom

Double-tap with two fingers, Double-tap again to return.

4, Swipe to navigate

A horizontal two fingers wipe will show the next or previous page.

5, Mission Control

MissionControl gives you a bird's-eye view of all your running programs and desktops. Mission Control is a quick management responding to multiple work projects and page. Three fingers swipe up on your Trackpad to open MissionControl.

6, Drag

Single-tap with three fingers will let you grab an object and then move it in the direction you drag your three fingers

7, Lookup

Three finger double-taps on your Trackpad will do a lookup on the word you have under your cursor or highlighted.

8, Switch full screen window

Lion system places great emphasis on the use of full-screen interface. A horizontal four finger swipe will switch the full screen of different windows of multiple running programs or desktop. It is very useful for the designer and editor who have to run multiple applications at the same time.

9, Show desktop

Thumb and three fingers pinch out on your Trackpad to instantly show your desktop.

Muti-touch gestures help us fast and accurately switching windows,accessing data, managing and looking up for files and so on. Today, many software developers have begun to apply the concept (Muti-touch gestures) into their own procedures. Magican also brings in Muti-touch gestures in its recent update. The Muti-touch gesture appears to be complex, but their related Manipulation is commonly used in Mac operation. You will soon become handy and skilled at it after several days ‘operation, and also you will find that how time-wasting and troublesome the traditional operation is. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the speed and sense of reality muti-touchgestures bring to you.