New functions of Magican in New Year

Magican keeps on bringing surprise to the worldwide users in the beginning of year 2012. Except all the previous functions remained more new features joins in Magican constantly.

Normally people incline to take three points into consideration when deciding if an application is the one they need. The first is the function of the software, the second is its feedback from users, and the third point is the price. To fully collect the three kinds of information about each similar application would absolutely takes users much time. But you do not need to worry about it now; the newly updated Magican could save users out of this puzzle by having all the useful information collected.

1, To help users better understand the software, Magican displays out the detailed information of each Mac software, such as the mark from users, the number of grade giver, the software description of the software, price and the official website link;

2, All the listed software in Magican are ranked according to users’ mark and download number, With theses information offered, you could better understand what other users’ feedback about the software;

3, Magican also provides daily discount software and free software, users could conveniently find out their acceptable price of the software;

For all the three points, people could get an ideal app from the new added software center in Magican. Besides helping users select apps to install, Magican also offers related features for maintaining installed applications.

1, Magican could tell users the update software, including version number, the time of new release, and the new functions and so on.

2, Once application are useless for you, you can uninstall them and all the related files to save more spaces.

From now on, users do not need to worry about choosing suitable software among various applications. In Magican, users could easily choose an ideal app in the most cost-efficient price and manage installed app at ease.