Remove web history to speed up network

Viewing sites has already become one of the schedules in our daily life, not only for fun but also for imbibing news and info. Then lots of information is passing through the network. Keeping network fast has become the basic thing we hoped a lot.

Here are some tips to help us speed up network

1. Monitor your network speed daily.
Monitoring your online speed is a very important step, you could find out the reason causing your slow network. For instance, once your maximum broadband is equal to your general used broadband that means you need to pay more to upgrade your broadband. While you have enough broadband, you still need to monitor network, because some apps may run in the background.

2. Remove web history at regular time.
To make viewing pages quickly, Safari will automatically saves the contents of web page into its cache. That's helps users get a more quick speed at next time's reading. But the more pages you visit, the more memory caches on safari created to your Mac. After longtime accumulating, thousands of cache files for different webs are created, and the Safari's running speed would be slowed down by running those caches. To make a better speed, Macintosh users need to delete Safari's cache.

Hopes this could help you solve the slow network problem. BTW, if you want a tool to monitor network speed and help clean up web history, Magican would be the tool to help you on both of the steps.