Safely Remove Duplicate Files by Magican

Being bothered by tons of duplicate files? Being afraid of deleting wrong files? Well, brand new Magican v1.2.0 has re-designed duplicate file finder to help solving these problems.

Different from previous version, duplicates in Magican clean module added multiple entrances to reach the folders which need to be detected, for instance, directly dragging folders in desktop to Magican duplicate interface, adding folders from pop-up window and directly clicking folder list to add folders. Before clicking scan, pitched folders could be removed out from selected area by simple clicks.

Then comes to the results displaying interface, which is one of the updates in Magican, scanned duplicates are divided into 3 parts, duplicates list at left side, image display and details selecting at right side. After ticking all duplicates files at the right-bottom list, a notification comes out to confirm that all files are selected, and after clicking “OK”, file in left list would be displayed as 2/2, then all these files would be removed out after clicking delete. This notification maximum helps users keep at least one original file.

Another safe reminder comes after clicking delete; users could select to remove files to Trash as a second choice. Although deleting permanently is recommended, for fresh people, this could help to check.

So give the Magican – Duplicate file finder a try, it divides scanning results in details making duplicate files more easily to tell. It is a safe duplicate file finder for your Mac.