Saving app expenses in Mac

While selecting apps for Mac, users normally like opening App Store to get an answer. But it would be a litter complex by using App Store for discount apps selecting. Magican could assist much while using App Store.

In Magican, a feature named software center could help users gather discount software from Mac App Store. Besides saving time on finding suitable apps, and managing installed apps, it could help users save much money.

Magican lists all apps with discounts at Software center. Users could save many expenses and get a suitable app. Magican offers different categories at the left menu in Software item, users could gather apps with same category first, then click free or paid button to separate all discount apps. Free button are recommended in saving money. To the comparison step, users could select the ranking list by the most of user rating or best scores. The former price and discount price are both listed out for users to easily compare. To get more introductions, users can double click the app icon to get more details.

After getting apps with the worthy price, we need to save expenses while updating apps. After reminding updates, Magican also lists the discount price for need-to-update apps. Users could update each at will.

All the apps’ information comes from Mac App Store; users could rest assured to use it.