Security Center helps better protect your Mac

Several months passed, Magican takes its newly updated Anti-Trojan function to us again. This time, the Anti-Trojan function is no longer limited in a simple little program, but it was integrated into an independent module of Magican version 1.1.0—Security Center.

Not only MagicanAntiTrojan was integrated into Security Center, but also the Anti-Trojan function was enhanced. With the feature of killing Flashback Trojan and Backdoor Trojan (MacKontrol, Sabpab,and Olyx) remained, Magican Security Center also helps you accurately identify and kill more than 30 kinds of stubborn Trojan and their alteration. Let us take a look at how the Security Center kills Trojan completely?

There are three kinds of scanning modes in Magican Security Center: Quick scan, Full scan and Custom Scan. With the help of these three scanning modes, Magican Security Center creates a more solid and safe protection wall for you.

Quick Scan: the pre-existence of this model is MagicanAntiTrojan, which can help users quickly identify the most stubborn four Mac Trojan viruses (Flashback, MacKontrol, Sabpab and Olyx) and completely remove them.

Full Scan: There is no doubt that this mode could have all the disks on your computer completely cleaned up. Since it could sweep more than 30 kinds of Trojan viruses and their alteration, the whole process may take some time.

Custom Scan: If you just want to scan one or several files but the full scan process is too time-consuming. Do not worry; custom scan could help you about it. You just need to draw the file you want to scan into our scan mode plate, and then Magican will help you scan it automatically. As same as the module Full Scan, Custom Scan can clean up more than 30 kinds of stubborn Trojan and their alteration.

Magican also provides users the Trust list. Magican will automatically skip any files that were added into Trust list when scanning. Trust list undoubtedly could save time for your cleaning.

Security Center joins in Magican to better protect your computer. It also plays as an important role in the development of Magican All-in-one function. To further update, we will continue strengthening the functions of the Security Center, as well as adding in more other security features to help you better protect your Mac.