Select tool to clean unneeded files

Much people have met the situation of lacking of memory since using Mac for quite a long time. To make Mac running quickly, we need clean unneeded files on time. It’s obvious difficult for a newbie to pick out useful files and unneeded files. Then they need to get help from some useful tools.

How to find a tool that can fit for your need?

One thing need to mention, files not only means documents you edit, music you downloaded, but also means the system files which are generated while users doing some operation. And these system files are called system cache. So a tool can clean useless system cache is a basic feature.

Still there are several different categories are listed on net for users to quickly select. Don’t be confused by the word “file”, because no clean tools are listed on the category of File manager. So the keyword of finding tool should be cleaner but not file manager.

Some good designed tools may help users to list out several different types of files. Then what you need is just click several buttons to finish cleaning. This is convenient for most of us. But someone may curious about the details; they hope to know what specific files have been deleted, and worry about causing unexpected error. For these groups of people, a tool makes clean operation simplify with one-click and lists all details for single operation can fit for their need. And Magican may help them a lot. For listing the detailed information of files, users can clearly get the point of what will be deleted.