Speed up and maintain Mac performance

Do not wait till your Mac becomes slow, to begin to clean up junks. To form a habit of cleaning Mac every two days will definitely bring you big benefit: Junks were deleted -> more memory was released -> Mac performance is speeded up.

Mac junks include system logs and caches, useless applications and leftover, browser caches, duplicated file and useless language packs. During your Mac operation, these junks will be generated unconsciously. They also occupy much system space, and finally lead your Mac running slowly. Worse still, when you have to run more than one APP at the same time, for a living, these progresses have to scramble for their own space in Memory. You could imagine what happens next? Poor Memory becomes overloaded and your Mac was finally paralyzed.

So except the daily cleaning, users also need a tool to maintain network speed. Magican is this kind of free software which could save your Mac from these troubles and keep your Mac in safety. Firstly, it could help scan out all the Memory occupiers and clean them in seconds. Secondly, Magican also informs you in details how much memory/CPU was taken? Who is taking? Which five software/applications are taking mostly? Thirdly, Magican tells you the speed of your network and the speed of downloading.

While cleaning and speeding up Mac, Magican also maintains your Mac performance. What a worthy-to-use application it is.