Take your Mac as a good friend

Rather than a machine, Mac is more like a human being. Just like people, they will get tired after long time working; they may slow down the work if they get into sick; they also strike work if they are not treated well. They have their own life, language, mood and feeling.

To make good use of your Mac and protect them well, we could take them as our good friends, and then what should we do to make them healthy and how to treat them well?

1, Do not make your Mac overwork; after long time working, CPU will become overheat. As we all know, overheated CPU would threaten the safety of Mac. So users must form a habit of checking for Mac Status, CPU temperature, Memory space duly;
2, Please take physical examination for your Mac every two days by cleaning junks up;
3, Make sure that your Mac is not being taken by too much processes/useless Apps

But problem also come with the measures above.
1, just by hand touching to feel the temperature would not bring you the actual data.
2, to scan out and cleaning up all the junks seem to be a very hard task since not only too many items should be checked but also too much time will be wasted.

Magican is an all in one App which could clean junks up and check Mac Status, CPU temperature, Memory space for Mac users in seconds via few clicks. Magican also possesses function of quick uninstalling, which could help you completely uninstall the apps you do not need in seconds. For the process on your Mac, Magican lists them out and rank the top 6 memory takers for users in line, so that users can easily stop any of the useless process.

With Magican, your Mac is easily treated well and protected well as a good friend.