The comparison between Multi-function software and single-function software

There are various pieces of software in Mac App world. Just from the functional category, the Macsoftware can be classified into two types: the integration multi-function software and single-function software. By having them compared with each other,we will find that each has its own advantages,butalso has shortcomings.

Multi-functional software–as its name showing,is a kind of comprehensive software containing multiple functions. This kind of software allows users to carry out the operation of multiple functions at one time, and also saves users much time on the operation.Take Magican as an example, users can simultaneously cleanup Mac, monitor Mac stat, view the running process, update / uninstallsoftware, etc. During this time, you are freely to take a cup of tea or coffee leisurely. But for the user of single-function software, perhaps they will not be that easy, they will firstly take time to opening multiple single-function software,and at the same time to worry about too much software may cause the computer slow down or even crash.

Occupying much Memory is a common problemfor large number of multi-function software; also it is the object cared persistently by software developers. Simplicity believe that the steps of the multi-function software is too complicated,even just to understand these steps will waste them few hours. However,it is easier to operate single-function software. Some users think that in multi-function software, non-essential functions cannot be relieved but still occupy Memory.

Seeing from the comparison results,the two kinds of software seem to be neck and neck in Mac software. This also explains why in the Mac software world,these two kinds of software have equal shares. But from the above advantages and disadvantages of the two applications, we can find that multi-functions software still has plenty of space for improving. So Magican developers made great efforts on reducing the memory that Magican is taking and simplifying the operation steps.

No matter Multi-function software or Single-function software, which can serve for users is good software. I hope both the two kinds of software can develop healthily in the world of Mac software and provide users with more and better function experience.