The introduction of File Finder to Magican v1.3.1

Magican released version 1.3.1 on Dec 7th, 2012. To help users easily find any Disused Files and Large Files on their Mac, V1.3.1 has added File Finder as a Cleaner function.

1.How to find Disused Files

Please input the length of time (in months/days) that you have not used the files for. Magican will locate the files you are looking for.

2. How to search for Large Files

Alike the method for searching for disused files, you just need to enter the size (in MB/GB) of files you want to find. Magican will clearly list them all out for you.

To help users get a better understanding of the files presented to them, Magican V1.3.1 displays the file name, path, time of last use, and size of each file.

With the addition of file finder, Magican is on path to becoming your Macs file Management. We invite you to be one of the first to enjoy this new function.