The progress from Magican to Magican V1.3.0

The newest version of Magican (V1.3.0) was released on 21st November 2012. V1.3.0 has concentrated on optimizing the software center. In order to meet the requirements of Magican users in other countries, Spanish and French versions have also been developed in V1.3.0. There are plans to introduce Magican in other languages in future updates.

Let us take a look at the big changes that have taken place in the Magican Software Center:

1. We re-designed the UI of the Software Center to make it more simplified and more attractive

2. The software center homepage presents a clear list of the need-to-be-updated Apps, the number of rarely used Apps, and so on

3. The App updates provided by the software center are not only those from the Mac App store

4. The software center also allows users to update Apps with just one click, check update information (such as updated data, version number, size, new functions and soon), ignore updates, and manage App updates.

Magican 1.3.0 also includes a new Recommendation Window, where users can quickly and easily access Facebook and Twitter, share Magican with their family or friends and even suggest new features for Magican.

We hope that this improved version of Magican can satisfy the needs of more users. Please remember that we always welcome any suggestions that you may have.