The rich cleaning feature of Magican

When you brought a new Mac, the computer is very clean with no extra files. However, with long term using of computer, many unwanted files and programs will accumulate in your Mac, which may result in computer sluggish. If you notice that Mac is slow in response, you need to pay attention to checking the programs processes and unnecessary files. When your Mac has too many useless files and unneeded program process, you can use Magican to help removing useless files to keep Mac clean.

Some users have used Magican for a long time, but they just geta preliminary understanding of Magican. They are not clearly about each feature of Magican. They use it only when they need it. Magican is very good in cleaning up Mac, the cleaning feature is as follows:

1.Since the release of the Magican1.0, Magican has an easy to use interface; Magican user can scan and clean Mac at the homepage directly.

2.Magican can guide your operation according the steps. It will display the last scan time for you when you open the main window of Magican, and it will notice you the total size of the junk files after you complete the scan process. If your Mac has useless files, Magican will suggest you “one click” to remove useless files to keep Mac clean.

3.Magican will automatically detect the uninstalled app’s leftover. When you drag the unwanted program to the Trash bin, Magican will automatically detect and delete the app’s leftover.

4.Magican can help users to clean up browser’s cache file, the unused language packs of each app, duplicate files and some other files. Of course, it does not mean that all 6 kinds of files needed be cleaned; you can delete the files at your will.

5.It is not necessary to clean up Mac at the homepage, you can get into the each file type to scan and clean up the useless file.

6.Progress bar to display the scanning and clean up status.

7.Thescan and clean process can be completed very soon, so you don’t need to spend too much time on cleaning up.

8.Magican only takes few memory usages, so the cleanup process doesn’t affect the normal use of other apps.

The free disk space could be enlarged and the computer respond speed is faster after your Mac become clean. If you are not just satisfied with the cleaning feature, still you can use Magican to free up memory space, uninstall application, monitor system info, detect and delete viruses. Magican is rich in features, which mean that you don’t need to install lots of unnecessary software.