The security of Mac needs to be ensured

Since Apple reports that over 600,000 Mac computers have been infected by Flashback Trojan, Mac users have added the awareness of finding an antivirus app to protect their Mac against the threats of Trojans.

In this antivirus war, Mac users have found that some antivirus app provided by third party can kill the virus before Apple released an update version to solve Flashback Trojan, but most of those apps can only check whether your Mac is infected or not and where the virus is. Magican AntiTrojan is one of few apps which can help users detect and remove Flashback Trojan in seconds. Moreover, this app is a free tool to share with all Mac users.

Magican AntiTrojan has already helped many Mac users get rid of the threat of Flashback Trojans. However, the performance of this app has been promoted in its updates. Besides protecting Mac from Flashback Trojan, it could also detect and delete MacKontrol, Sabpab and Olyx from your Mac. And in each updates, it will enable users to check and remove more Trojans.

How to check if your Mac is infected by Trojans? You will find that Magican AntiTrojan provide you the easiest operation. You can complete the process by clicking two icons, "Start scan" and "Clean", and then the whole process can be finished in seconds.

If you feel that your Mac is affected by something, then you can choose Magican AntiTrojan to check whether your Mac is infected by Trojan. This free antivirus app will keep updating to protect the security of your Mac.