Tidy up photos in Mac

After celebrating Christmas with families and friends, lots of photos with precious memories companied. Besides sharing those photos with friends and family, tidying photos in your Mac makes sharing more comfortable.

Here are some tips for you to tidy up photos in Mac.

1. Set photos in category.

If your photos are gathered in one folder, then you need to separate them into different category. You can separate them by the date they are created or the place they are taken. Any folder name will be okay as you like. To pick a specific photo out of hundreds or thousands of photos is really difficult.

Magican may help lighten your pain, because you can add a smart folder named photo, and list all the photos by the desired location, then you can list them by date range or name range and display thumbnail via cover flow or quick look.

To delete ugly photos by one click and create new folders on the left side of Magican. You need to click the add icon, write down the folder name and select the search conditions related to the files, including the file location, size, types and the contained words. Then all the files that related to your search conditions will be added in folder.

2. Delete duplicated photos

Some photos with good looks would be copied out and being added some effects on. While you are moving photos to different folders, duplicated files will be generated without attention. These duplicated files are not only useless to us, but also occupy much useful disk space.

Then goes to clean item of Magican, all duplicated files will be listed out at duplicate part after scanning. Then you need to check the file path of each duplicated files and tick useless file path. Then click button "remove" to clear them all. Different from Finder, all the deleted files will be permanently deleted. This helps save more disk space.

Hope these two tips could help you with tidying up your photos.