Time to have a rest

Time flies, this phrase was warning people to work hard before. But now it reminds us of having proper rest during long working hours. Nowadays, people all has stress and long working hours, that mean people in busy jobs get too little sleep during the week. Then say no to overworking is very important to each of us. Not be lazy but leave some limited time to keep your body and heart healthy.

Say no to heavy works is not unrealistic; steal time to have a rest is suitable for most of us. As we know, longtime of sitting in front of Mac will increase the morbidity of spinal diseases and causes leg pain due to poor circulation. And long time of lacking sleep will make people lack of concentration and even lead big mistake in our job.

Many of us need a time reminder to help us manage our time healthy and rational. It can remind us of resting on time, and would not bother our jobs at the same time. This seems conflicting, but a tiny tool named Magican Rest can solve both of requirements for Mac users.

This is a Mac app helps people who works in front of computer and lack of rest. IF you are one of us, may be you can have one to adjust your biological clock. Worth to mention that, this tiny app is free. Then we can pay nothing to get a time reminder. For your healthy, it's worth to have a try.