Tips to Speed up Network

The hottest question people may ask is how to make broadband faster while sitting in front of their Mac. Although most users' bandwidth is same and fixed, but we now can offer several tips to improve and optimize the network speed.

Switch your maximum broadband. Get familiar with your broadband, and get the maximum speed that you can have. If your maximum speed was too limited, the only way to optimize your network speed is buy a larger one. But if you had enough broadband, and your network is still slow, then you need to check the following tips.

Switch your general used speed. While using your Mac, you have used the broadband, such as browsing some websites, especially the websites with many images, listening online music, and uploading files. A network monitor is necessary for you to switch your general used speed. While speed runs high, but you still feel slow, you need to check your app which is running in background. Take downloading tool as an example, some downloading tool has the situation, while finishing downloading; it may upload the resource to others who need to download, and this will run in background. So you need to close it while complete download and set download allowance to make sure you have enough broadband on other operation while downloading.