Toys to improve your health

Nowadays, 80% of Mac users have being sitting in front of their monitor for long time. No matter to do their jobs or to just have fun, they have both spend too much time on Mac.

And this directly leads to our sub-health or even disease. To improve our health or prevent disease, we need to do more exercise. And here is the Magican Rest, it isn't sport equipment, but a rest reminder which can be installed in your Mac and force you have a rest by covering your screen. Still this tiny app would not destroy the files you are reading or writing, it just keep everything you did before, after finishing resting, you can continue to do your job.

You can freely preset the rest time, such as 30 seconds or 2 minutes or an hour. Don't ignore these tiny time, it can make your biological clock runs in time, and reduce morbidity of the eye disease, like myopia, and dry eye syndrome, and even the spinal disease.

This app not only fit for the overworking people, it still fit for the students. They can reasonable adjust their time, and make working and studying more effective.