Transfer your focus from Activity Monitor to Magican

Once mentioned checking system status for Mac OS X, nearly 80% Mac users prefer to use Activity Monitor. It is the defaulted tool in Mac that used for checking system status and much of us like to keep things simple. Activity Monitor works well, but long time facing the same tool, I think it is time to have another try.

I recommend using Magican, another system utility for Mac OS X. It is a utility with several different functions, such as system status checking, cleaning redundant files, software uninstall, document management and hardware information checking. And among those functions, system scanning is one of the best features and good as Activity Monitor.

While checking system state, three things can tell if it is a good utility, one is the complete data, second is a clear reading, and last is easy to use.

Complete data. The information offered by Magican includes disk, CPU, memory, sensor, network and battery. Taking disk info for instance, we can get disk type, current read, write speed and peak speed. This is same as Activity Monitor. Furthermore, Magican lists out the used disk space and free space for us. Still different from Activity Monitor, Magican displays the battery information here for user to check easily. Besides telling the active hours, cycles and health are told to user as well.

Show a clear reading. Stat item on Magican shows data in diagram with easy to tell colors, such as the pie chart, histogram and string diagram. This helps to easily catch abnormal situation. Still the floating window plays a big role in showing clear reading. If we hope to get the daily monitor stat, to open this big interface everyday is really a laborious job. Then we can open the Magican floating window to get basic information. It is tidy and won't take much disk space.

Easy to use. Same with Activity Monitor, Magican offers process list for us to manage, but to be easier to use, Magican adds much operations in floating window, once any process cause any abnormal memory usage or CPU usage, Just "one-click" can help end the process. And purges RAM is also one-click thing to release inactive memory.

So move your eyes to Magican, maybe it will surprise you a lot.