View the library folder

Many people have doubt about Library folder for taking large space. And wondered that whether could get rid of it. Before deleting the folder, we should know what library folder on Mac contains, generally it contains your preferences, Mail data, Address Book database etc. Still some apps may store big files in the folder. To get your exact information, you can go there to find yourself.

As before, you can simply open your Home folder to access the Library folder. But if you just upgrade to Lion, you need to choose another way. Because the Library folder is default set as hidden. This may aimed to avoid of deleting and damaging files that are important to Lion system. To show this hidden folder, you can do as follow steps: Launch Terminal from Spotlight -> Utilities, and enter the following command to show the directory: chflags nohidden ~/Library/

Still you can use tools to find this folder. Take Magican File as an example, you can open Magican File first; find the file by clicking the "Include hidden files". Then this library file will be found out without changing its status.