Ways to avoid Mac threats Magican

To keep your Mac away from threats, there are several measures you need to take in order to check the status of your Mac regularly (such as CPU, Memory, etc). Most users may consider it to be unnecessary since their Mac always runs well, but threats can hide in your Mac without you being aware of them. As a free doctor for Mac, Magican could improve your Mac protection.

1. On-download Scanner

When this function is turned on, your Mac will be under real-time protection. Items downloaded from your web browser to your Mac will be scanned and protected by Magican automatically.

2.Monitor warning

With this function on, if any abnormalities are discovered in the CPU and Battery of your Mac, Magican will warn you of this threat with a red notification pop-up.

3.Previous scan reminder

Magican informs users how long its been since their Mac was last scanned and cleaned. This enables users to be reminded of and consider whether it is time to clean their Mac again.

4. Purge RAM

Mac performs smoother and quicker when there is more Memory space free. Therefore, habitually purging RAM is also a good way to protect your Mac. In just one click, Magican quickly and conveniently frees up your Mac Memory.

Magican is different from any other cleaner or monitor, because Magican serves to protect and monitor Mac with several more detailed and smaller functions. So, what do you think about Magican?