What kind of website design attract Mac users most

A piece of goodsoftware not only contains good feature,but also attracts user's eyes and meets the user operation habits.In order to guide the reformation of Magican official Website,Magican takes analysis on several most welcomed Mac software official website designs.

1, Bright pictures and background color;
After entering into the home page,the first thing that catches users'eyes is a large colorful pictures which could instantly attract the attention of user. Background colors are matched boldly but make people feel very comfortable,as well as the whole clean pages are the important keys that attract users to continue browsing the web;

2, The function description is simple and capable
Few simple words in the picture on the home page straightly describethe software function which could easily attract users'eyeballs.Also it allows the user to understand at first time if the functions of the software are the exact ones they need.If it is,the users are willing to acquire the detailed information of the software function;

3,Orderly Typesetting saves users much time on searching
To make users easily find out the specific functions without much time-consumed, the site layout must be simple and orderly,and each plate must be in clear and neat;

4,Make use of the old users’praise to inspire new users
After know that thesoftware's function is exactly what they need,users will take the comments of other users'as reference. Of course, more good comments will encourage more new users to apply for the software.That is why some websites will set a page to place for the fans of Facebook and Twitter and reviews & Awards specifically,or arrange them at the striking position of Home page;

5,Detailed contact information
Leaving the contact details on website to remind users that they can contact the website freely for any problem of the software;

6,Impressive Logo
Maybe Logo is not the most important factor that could attract users but impressive Logo will definitely leave thesoftware a very good image in the eyes of users ;

To combine the points above, Magican has its own website renovatedcompletely, and now Magican is look forward to the new visual impact that Magican page willbring to users.