What you can benefit from network monitor?

The failures of network equipment may cause bad consequences, so users should monitor their networks constantly. That is why the network monitor is so important to network users. With a network monitor, users can solve the uptime problem frequently.

A good network monitor should contain a wide set of checks that allow the users to be notified about any network failures. The network monitor should help users to check the state of any device or server in the network. These checks allow users to monitor a wide variety of network hosts and devices. The monitoring program should notify users when a device or server goes down automatically.

The network monitor can help detecting malicious software on computers in time. You can also monitor processes running on remote computers and detect danger applications using this way if the network monitor can check remote processes for existence. In this case, you will need to have names of danger processes and configure the monitoring on remote computers..

If using network monitor in a company network system, the administrator can control users' activities on the network. The administrator can be notified when the employees launch certain applications, such as games, media players, etc. during the working hours.

The network monitor should be able to warn user about particular events in different ways. Moreover, the users are able to configure the network monitor to run particular programs in response to monitoring events.

The network monitoring is one of the most important functions of a network administrator.