Whether is your app cost-effective or not

How many apps have you used for your Mac? How much have you paid for them? Maybe you never concern about it, but actually judging the effectiveness of Mac apps can save capitals for you.

In order to maintain Mac performance well, many Mac users choose to install the software (like CleanMyMac and istat menus) on their Mac. These apps are doing well in its specialized field. However, it seems that these apps are overpriced and may not save pennies for you. You have to cost a lot for their long term usage.

If you are those persons who want to have reasonable consuming habits on Mac apps, I think I can give you some advises.

You can choose an inexpensive app instead of the overpriced one. Some people are preferred to using apps that gains many positive comments, but that behavior would make the hottest app become overpriced and the others lower in their price.

Find an all in one app for your Mac. If there are several apps in front of you, one of them is an all in one app which concludes all the features of other apps. Still all apps are in the same price. Then I would like to ask you which app you would choose, all in one app or other apps with single feature? And you can find that many all in one app are free to use, like Magican and Onyx.

If you still want to use the overpriced apps but can’t accept its price, you can choose to wait for a discount. Many developers will sell their product at a discount in a specific date.

If you are have many apps installed in your Mac and spend a lot of money for the unworthy app, this article may help you revise your consuming habit and find the cost-effective apps.