Is Mac immune to any Virus

The myth that Mac OS X was immune to any kinds of computer virus was broke in 2007. The year of 2008 seems to be the first time that Apple Company uncharacteristically recommended Mac users to install antivirus software. On April 2012, the myth that Mac is far away from virus has completely come to an end with the birth of a kind of Trojan called flashback Trojan.

Flashback has become the largest and most stubborn enemy to Mac. According to relative report, there are more than 600,000 Mac were attacked, even the Apple headquarter has 274 been affected by it. It is the most horrible virus as it can automatic intrude upon system without any user action (without any prompting, no administrator password).

Though a number of amendments and updates were launched to cope with Flashback, and these defensive measures did help killing this stubborn Trojan. A flashback fallen down, thousands and thousands of flashback may stand up. This has aroused our concerns about the future security of Mac. We cannot predict the possible virus in the future, but we can learn to plan ahead by detecting the Mac virus in daily life.

Magican is a multi-functional application with antivirus feature. Based on its function of anti-virus, Magican added three scan models (Quick, Full and Custom Scan) to help users completely scan out and kill virus. Also Magican can be set to automatically scan and automatically shut down after the full scan.

In order to take good care of your Mac OS X, it is time to install antivirus software. With it, you are able to be fearless even facing with a Trojan which is more stubborn than Flashback.