Apple dominate post-pc world

Mac users can share files across different internet-linked devices for one kind of service introduced by Apple. This service is iCloud. The features of iCloud make Apple become the centre of consumers' digital lives. It seems that Apple will replace the position of Microsoft to dominate PC world.

Microsoft has dominated PC world for such a long time. But now the android tablet PCs become more and more popular, and what it uses are Apple ios and Google Android. Microsoft domination may be replaced by Apple.

Apple was going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device - just like an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

Apple II and the Mac are both counting on the new iCloud product to let users synchronize and access data on Apple devices and Windows PCs running iTunes. With iCloud, files will be stored by Apple in remote data centers and automatically synchronize. This make Mac user can find same content from any Apple gadget and without needs to cluttering up users' hard drives.

Apple is trying to parlay the success of the iPhone and iPad into the leading role in the "post-PC" era. Already, customers have bought 25 million iPad tablets, eating into PC sales.

Microsoft loses its domination while Apple gains its success, we can see that Apple dominate Post-pc world become possible.