Brief introduction of Mac OS

Mac OS is a computer operating system developed by Apple.

One of the attractive things of Mac OS is the graphical user interface. The original Mac OS was introduced in 1984, and it only considering as system software.

From the beginning, Apple deliberately sought to minimize by design the user's conceptual awareness of the operating system as such. Tasks that on other products required a more explicit working knowledge of an operating system would on a Macintosh be accomplished by intuitive mouse gestures and manipulation of graphical control panels. This concept of Mac OS was making the operating system more user-friendly and so easier to master.

Early versions of the Mac OS have many limitations, it just can use for part of the Mac users. As Apple introduced computers with PowerPC hardware, the OS was ported to support this architecture as well.

The early Mac OS initially consisted of two pieces of software. They are "System" and "Finder".

At first, the significant parts of the system were stored in physical ROM on the motherboard, and introduce the PowerPC G3-based systems later. The initial purpose of this was to avoid using up the limited storage of floppy disks on system support, given that the early Macs had no hard disk.

Mac OS can be divided into two families. The first one is the Mac OS Classic family, which was based on Apple's own code. The second one is the Mac OS X operating system, it is a development of Mac OS Classic family, and this one was UNIX-based.