Clean up Mac app

To speed up Mac, there are lots of methods for you to select, like optimizing disk by releasing RAM, cleaning useless caches and cleaning duplicated files. Even though, I still need to introduce you another way, uninstalling app. Maybe most people won’t choose this method to speed up Mac, at least not the first choice. But actually this way is very effective in speeding up Mac.

People normally uninstall app by just moving to Trash. And this may delete some tiny apps and save little space, but to speed up Mac, this is not enough, for this method would leave multiple files and data to occupy space.

If you know some app very well, then you could find the app and all related files by typing the apps’ name, show Package Contents by right click and select the apps’ components by its file format, like the .plist files and folders. After confirming that all the files and folders are selected, then move them to Trash, then do the double check to avoid of selecting the wrong file. Then empty the Trash to complete this uninstall.

For the most common users, if you don’t know where to totally uninstall apps and other leftovers, then a uninstall tool and a cleaner would make all cleaning processes and operations simplified. Those tools would help users to select all related files and app and offer one button to clean all of them up. If the clean app is pretty good, it still offers users the feature of finding leftovers.

After completely uninstalling useless apps, disk could be freed with much space, especially after uninstalling apps with much related files, like the painting tools. Then the next step is just to enjoy your Mac with satisfied running speed.