Definition of the OS and Finder

Mac users choose Mac OS X for their Apple computer, then what an OS is?

"OS" is the operating system for the computer. If your computer without an operating system, then you computer would do nothing useful. That is why all the Mac users come to choose to install a version of the "Mac OS" for their computer.

The operating system is used to control the work of your computer. All the work you do could be known and directed by the operating system. So if you want to make computer working for you, then you must install an operating system for the computer at first.

The version of Mac OS which Mac users most like is Mac OS X. There still have some major releases of Mac OS X, such as the versions 10.0, 10.3, and 10.4. There are also updates for each major release, such as versions 10.2.8 and 10.4.2. If you want your computer can work normally, you can go to the official site to look the information of those versions, and choose one for your computer.

An operating system includes thousands of files, many of which are protected so you can't accidentally remove them. The System folder in Mac OS X is an example. Each Macintosh comes with a backup copy of the Mac OS on system software CD or DVD.

An integral part of the Mac OS operating system is the Finder. Before Apple reinvented the personal computer with Macintosh in 1984, it is very hard to find some files on a computer. Maybe you need to type out long pathnames in a cryptic text-only environment to get the files which you want.

The Finder saves the time you search files. It's the integral part of the Mac OS that shows you easy-to-read folders and make you easy-to-find files. The Finder lets you visually navigate disks, work on the desktop, and open applications and files. It can show you information about your files and folders, such as their size and date modified. The Finder also lets you move or delete files, and perform searches on your hard disk.