Description of Mac OS X

Mac OS X is an Apple's operating system for Mac computers. It named for it is the tenth operating system for Mac, so we could regard X as 10.

Compared with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.Mac OS X introduced a number of new capabilities to provide a more stable and reliable platform to Mac users, Mac OS X have many new capabilities. For example, you can run multiple applications simultaneously without interrupting or corrupting each other for pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection has improved the system's ability.

The architecture of Mac OS is designed to be portable, which make it easy to transit one platform to another. For example, NeXTSTEP was ported from the original 68k-based NeXT workstations to x86 and OPENSTEP was later ported to the PowerPC architecture as part of the Rhapsody project.

The change of Aqua theme is the most visible one of Mac OS X. Compared with what OS 9 and OS X Server 1.0's "Platinum" appearance had offered, the use of soft edges, translucent colors, and pinstripes brought more texture and color to the user interface.

Mac OS X Architecture implements a layered framework. The layered framework aids rapid development of applications by providing existing code for common tasks.

Mac OS X has its own software development tools, the most important one is an integrated development environment called Xcode. Xcode provides interfaces to compilers that support several programming languages . For the Apple–Intel transition, it makes that developers could build their applications as a universal binary, which provides compatibility with both the Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macintosh lines.