Development of Magican Floating Window

As time flies, floating window always plays one of highlights in Magican. Most of our Mac users would like to give a favorable feedback to the floating window for its easily-to-use design and practical features.

But that’s not the all for Magican. We’d like to make this floating window lighter for saving more desktop space and to be handled easily. Then Magican has been designing several version of floating window since its release.

The first look is a rudiment contains basic information like listing the top memory usage processes and top CPU usage processes and displaying temperature and network speed in the tiny window.

Then the second version of floating window made its background synchronized with main window and had the tiny window icon optimized.

The third look added more features in, for instance, memory release feature on the pop-up window, one-click the button “Purge RAM” helps release inactive memory; feature of stopping each processes (when processes shows abnormal memory usage or CPU usage, click the close button at right side helps stop process’s running); the weather broadcasting feature at top, more powerful floating window.

The fourth Floating window version comes out at the shortest time. The main change is to redesign the tiny window, change the horizontal information into vertical display. Then according to our users’ feedback, we updated Floating window look immediately to the fifth version.

For the fifth look, besides optimizing the details to be more visible and particular, floating window adds new features of display data in status bar. This makes system monitor display to be more flexible in desktop. Then users could move the floating window to status bar or move back at will, or click the first button at the top-right of pop-up window to change window display.

And currently, the fifth look is in the latest version of Magican v0.9.72. Users could experience this new look for free. And Magican will not stop the research for a more easy-to-use and more visible look of Floating window. Let’s wait in hope.