Empty Trash Issue in Mac

Most of the deleted files can be found from the Mac trash bin in Mac OS X. The deleted files are kept in Mac trash bin until you empty trash or restore the file.

There have three ways to empty trash as follow. The first way is click and hold on the trash icon and select empty trash from the menu. The second way is choose the same option from anywhere in the finder. The third way is using the keyboard shortcut command-shift-backspace.

If files are unlocked, the following solutions can help to solve the problem.

Mac user can set permissions for each file and folder. If there no exists permission for the folders, Mac user could not delete the content files in the folder. If you want make it possible to delete the files in folder, you can use rm-rf command.

Data loss may occur if Mac user makes some incorrect use, so Mac users should always handle the process carefully. For running the command, you need to open terminal application, type sudo rm rf, open the Trash, open edit menu and choose Select All, drag all these items to terminal window and press return. Alternatively, you can also use sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/ command.

If files are locked, you can delete it directly by pressing Shift-Option or Option key combination while attempting to empty the Trash.