File Recovery on Mac after Root Account Deletion

Mac OS X is an operating system that allows Mac user to create several accounts on a same computer.

A computer may have several accounts, but there would be only one root account and this root account is the most important one in the computer. This account manages all of the other accounts and can control the function of the Mac computer. It is a super user account, which has access to all of the files and folders on Mac OS X hard drive.

Mac users should take care of the root account to avoid of being deleted. If root account was deleted, there would be causing data loss and some program could not run normally.

There still exist the situations that the root account was deleted unconsciously. If the root account was deleted, what should Mac user do to recover the computer system?

When the root account was deleted, Mac user can format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system:

Boot system from Mac OS X boot DVD and use Option or Command key to select DVD at startup. Here you would have to enter Open Firmware password. Carry out Erase and Install installation of Mac OS X.

Reboot the system by holding Option key for selecting Startup disk and select hard drive. Continue to boot properly and again log into your account.

Update the operating system is quite helpful for recovery, but this kind of measure removes all of the data from Mac hard drive and cause complete data loss.