Finder Error on Mac Os X

Finder is an application of Mac Os X. Finder manages many things on your computer, such as the files, disks and the application launching by you.

How would the things going if the Finder gets some error? If the Finder application gets some error, your Mac OS X computer may not complete the startup process and makes you could not reach to your critical data. After your Finder gets some error, you may encounter the below error message: Finder could not start because 'DragLib-SetDragImage' could not be loaded.

When you get the above error message, it certifies that Mac OS X operating system startup process cannot be completed. You cannot log into your system and get into the hard drive. In order to get your data back, find out the reasons of the issue and then perform data recovery Mac by fixing it.

The problem usually occur Finder application is either damaged or has incompatible extensions. The virus infection and unexpected system shutdown can both makes the Corruption. If you get the issue, you can fix the issue using Software Install or Software Restore disk.

Using Software Install or Software Restore disk to fix the issue has following steps. Turn on your Mac computer and insert the Software Install disk, and then press C key from keyboard at startup to boot your system from disk. The next step is open hard drive of your computer and open System Folder and then Extensions folder. After those things, you should locate the DragLib and Macintosh Drag and Drop files and drag them to Trash Bin and open Startup Disk's control panel and click hard drive icon. The last one is close Startup Disk's control panel and reboots your system.

If you use the above steps still could not fix the problem, you are required to format your Mac hard drive and reinstall operating system.