Free app of Mac OS X that you must not miss

There are altogether 22 categories of Mac software in the Mac App Store. They are for all kinds of things: education, video, game and utility. But most of them are paid apps. This makes choosing the best and free one out of them to be quite a challenge.

Which app is the best free app for Mac OS X? In this article, I will recommend you a best free Mac software in my apprehension, which is Magican.

You may feel the app “Magican” is quite strange, but I think you may like it after you experienced its powerful features. The main feature of Magican is to speed up and maintain Mac from several ways, such as monitoring Mac, cleaning up Mac, memory release and uninstalling apps. Only when your Mac OS X is maintained well, then you can make your work on Mac safe and effective.

Moreover, it still has many other features. When you want to monitor network speed , Magican displays the download, upload speed and monthly network traffic to you; when you want to find some hot, discount and free app of today from Mac app store, Magican gives you a list about those kinds of apps; when you want to know the following three days’ weather report, you can put in the city and your country in Magican to get the detailed weather information; and still when you want to check the hardware information, Magican lists it out for you, and you can choose export the hardware information as images or documents.

You may see that Magican combines the most features than any other Mac software. If you feel it can meet your needs in the round, you can choose to install it directly to service for your Mac. I hope you not miss all good Mac software.