How to maintain your Mac OS X?

To Maintain Mac is to ensure computer keeping the original Mac performance. With the increasing of the using time, your Mac performance doesn't make you disgusting. Many ways can help users maintain Mac, and the following are some methods can help you maintain Mac performance.

1. Shutdown Mac at regular intervals to help you maintain Mac. Long boot on the Mac may accumulate many program processes and system cache files on your Mac OS X. Shut down your Mac can help you stop the program process, clear unnecessary files and save more free memory. However, if you don't want to shutdown or restart your computer, you can choose to use Magican to quickly help you kill the unneeded program process, release more free memory and remove useless files to make Mac clean.

2. Detect the disk. It refers to detecting the condition of the disk to ensure the storage files can be safe. If the file system on the disk has some problem, it may affect the future file storage. If the disk has some problem and need to be fixed, the most convenient way to repair disk is to hold down Run scripts to keep well Mac performance. According to your preset time, the system will run the script to maintain Mac, including clearing Crash Reporter and temporary file, updating the system log, backing up the Net Info. You must pay attention to not to shutdown or hibernate your Mac when you are planning to run the script to maintain Mac. If the script can't work at the scheduled time, it will process after your Mac waked up, and it could make you have a sluggish Mac performance.

4. Software and firmware updates: This is a great way to maintain Mac performance and improve the quality of software. Magican can quickly tell you which app has an update version in the App Store. And you can get specific firmware info from the hardware information. However, if you worry about that the updates may bring you some problems; you can take a disk backup before updating your software or firmware. If there is any problem happens, you can restore all backup to avoid the loss.

5. Calibrate Battery: Mac laptop users should better calibration battery once a month, which help you to ensure the prolonging of battery and correct battery info display. Magican has the ability to monitor battery usage and capability. With Magican, you can clearly know the usage of the battery.

Still many ways can help users to maintain Mac performance, such as uninstalling unneeded software, and reducing the icons on the desktop. If you have maintained your Mac for several years, and your Mac performance is almost as same as the original performance, your Mac is well maintained.