Important things in software developing

Apple has many reliable factors to attractcomputer user’s attention, like its intuitive design, unparalleled graphicinterface, safety and the functionsto meet user’s needs. Moreover, all its features have strengthened and improvedby more software from third party-developer.

Considering the uniqueness of Apple,Magican thinks some tips are very important in software design.

First, Software need well performance.Performance is the first criteria when Mac user selecting a software.Performance mainly related to the running speed, efficiency, the ability togain information, and take up minimal resource but bring user much benefit.Magican always bring well performance to its user, although Magican have lots of features than many other apps, but the CPU usage of Magican is very low.

In version1.0.0, Magican have made great progressin its interface. The interface of Magican becomes very easy-to-use. Easy-to-use interface will give users intuitive feeling when using software. An easy-to-use interface always helps users easy to understand, so all the features of the software can be displayed completely, and users don’t need to spend much time to research the software. The new interface of Magican enables user one-click to complete all operations.

Elegant appearance of the software alwayscan attract user’s attention. So Apple’s computer and software system alwaysget well praise from its user. Ugly software is incompatible with Mac’s beautiful interface, so attractive appearance is must considered in softwaredeveloping. In the developing process, many Magican users give us feedback ininterface design. These suggestions and feedback make Magican have a good appearance in version1.0.0.

In addition, the software reliability andsecurity can’t be ignored. If software is incompatible with the software system or other Mac software, then the system may get crashes or file corruption. Securesoftware needs reliable procedure to protect user’s personal information anddata, and minimize the loss which it brings to its user. Magican always keep solving the compatible problem,now Magican rarely receive the incompatible problem with other software.

Many computer users choose to use laptop,so software needs have a feature of flexibility. Software need to adjust itselfto suit for the computer operating environment. Such as laptop change its work place,unplug the power or change a device. Software need to pay close attention toall these things. Take Magican for your Mac, you will find that this app isdoing well in its flexibility. Magican could forecast local weather automatically, it also alerts you when the battery is too low, and it could re-load the hardware information when you changed a device.

The factors I listed above may not concludedall around, but they are really important in software developing. As software only meet all these requirements, and then the software may gain success in Apple’s software market.