Launchpad of Mac OS X Lion

Many Mac users have experienced finding an app from the applications folder, so the process to find the app will be very slowly. However, Mac user can find a launchpad feature from the more than 250 new features of Mac OS X Lion.

When you have installed the Mac OS X Lion, you can use the launchpad easily. The function of launchpad make Mac user can get the app quickly now.

Mac users just need to click the launchpad icon, then they can get a view of all apps in the system, and even the open window is also showed by icon in launchpad. The launchpad will accord the apps which existing in your system to create icons and pages. If you want to run the app, you only need to swipe on the trackpad to find it and click the app.

Mac user can create folders according the category of the app in the lanchpad. The process to create folder is also very easy, user can drag an app to place it with another to create the new folder.

Some Mac user thinks it is boring to replace the app to launchpad when then downloads the app. However, the app download by user will exist in the launchpad automatically. If Mac user feels some apps are important and need a more quick access to open it, Mac user can drag those icons from launchpad to the dock.