Mac OS X Lion server

Manage a server is not an easy thing. Many applications in Mac OS X Lion Server turn any Mac into a powerful server that's perfect for home, offices, businesses and schools.

Mac OS X Lion server includes a setup assistant that guides you step by step. You just need to click it few times and it began to running. It displays graphs for monitoring access and server performance and gives you an overview of your hardware configuration and storage use.

The Server app will send you an email to alert you when your computer have some problems or have some updates for your computer. Because it's integrated with the Apple Push Notification service, Profile Manager can send out updated configurations over the air automatically. And it includes web-based administration, so you can manage your server from any modern web browser.

Lion Server can share files with iPad. Users can access, copy, and share documents on the server from iPad. Mac OS X Lion Server notify Mac user immediately when they receive new mail messages, calendar invitations, changes to meetings, or updates to contact information.

Now anyone can maintain schedules and appointments. It is possible to share a calendar with colleagues, family, and friends. So multiple people can access the same calendar to add events or update meeting details.

Mail Server includes a new webmail service with a modern web design. It supports rich text and HTML messages, multiple languages, drag-and-drop message management, and threaded message listings.