Mac OS X Lion support full screen

Many Mac users hope that Apple could bring a full screen app to all users before. Mac OS X Lion is such kind of app.

It is the first time that Apple takes a full screen app to Mac users. Now Mac users can take the program both in full screen or navigate status.

Mac OS X Lion make Mac users can use the every part of the screen when they surfing, watch film or play games. As we known, many things will looks nicer with full screen, no matter movie, photo or mail. And the full screen function make user feel the things display to user more real.

Mac OS X Lion make it possible to go with full screen and in a desktop window. The function of full screen gives you a completely immersive experience.

Mac OS X Lion apps with full-screen capability has a full-screen button in the top right of the app window. If users want to make their program shows in a full screen page, you can click the button and the program will show in a full screen status. Some apps need to keep in the status of in a desktop window, then Mac users just need to click the button again to bring the app back to desktop window status.

When your apps take up the entire screen, and you have multiple full-screen apps open at the same time. Mac users should find a quick and easy way to move them. The Mac OS X Lion have made this problem easy to all Mac users. Mac OS X Lion make it is possible that users can switch from one full-screen app to another by swiping three fingers left or right on the trackpad.